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Community Planning

As a Third Sector Interface, Dundee TSI and its partners support and help build the relationship between the Third Sector and Community Planning.

Our staff act as representative/advocates around key areas of work within the city including five priority agendas through the City Plan and eight workstreams through Health and Social Care

These are as follows:


  1. Children & Families Exec Board
  2. Community Safety Exec Board
  3. Work & Enterprise Exec Board
  4. Health and Social Care Exec Board
  5. Building Stronger Communities Exec Board



  1. Mental Health
  2. Learning Disability Sensory
  3. Physical Disability
  4. Homelessness
  5. Older People & Dementia
  6. Alcohol & Drugs
  7. Health Inequalities
  8. Dundee Healthy Weight Partnership


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