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Community Empowerment

Community Development and Engagement Team

Do you want to make a difference to life in your community?

Do you want to see change and be a part of it?

Do you want to make a difference in Dundee?

Our Community Development and Engagement Team work across the city to support communities to be more active, get involved in activities and develop opportunities.

If you have an idea get in touch with them or visit them through their outreach (link to programme) to have a chat.

Contact the team on 01382 305705

Lochee Community Hub

The HUB opened its doors in October 2016, we now have over 25 different organisations using the HUB. These range from local community groups to large public sector organisations. The HUB provides a friendly, welcoming space for the whole community. People can walk in and access support from a range of services on either an appointment or drop-in basis. We provide tea, coffee, biscuits and information for every age group.

For more information on the services from the HUB or to book a room please contact us at or call 01382 436704

Older People Services Development

Older Peoples Services Development Officer’s role is to promote the active involvement of older people and older peoples groups in the planning, development and delivery of services across public/statutory sectors which reflect the views of older people in Dundee.

You can contact Nicola Mitchell, Older Peoples Services Development Officer on and 01382 305745

Mental Health Engagement

Our role here is to co-ordinate and promote the active involvement of people who have experience of mental health conditions in planning, shaping and evaluating services in the statutory sector. We run a range on Mental Health support services  – from a Services Users Network through to new innovative Mental Wellbeing project in the East End of Dundee will promote the active involvement of people who have experience of mental health conditions.

For more information please visit Dundee Voluntary Actions Mental Health page or call 01382 305700

Discoverin’ Families

Discoverin’ Families is a project which supports parents and carers to get involved in their community. There are two strands to the project, one which  is based in Whitfield and covers the North-East of Dundee and works in partnership with One Parent Family Scotland and a second strand which works in the Charleston area of Dundee and aims to promote the capacity of local families to improve their quality of life.

For more information please contact:


Make it Happen

Make it Happen works across both Menzieshill, Charleston and wider Lochee ward of Dundee, to inspire local involvement in developing informal volunteering opportunities that actually benefit the local people who live there. It is a grass roots approach and we want to support change to happen at a local level in the form of one off community events, workshops and enterprises that engage the community to learn, laugh and grow together!

For more information contact Simona Davidson, Make it Happen Development Officer or call 01382 305705


Link Up

Link Up Whitfield is an Inspiring Scotland project, hosted by Volunteer Dundee, based at The Community Services Complex, 101 Whitfield Drive, Dundee. Link Up Whitfield is about supporting community members to come together and create groups and clubs that people can participate in and have fun. We want people in communities to come together, get to know different people, and help each other. All of the groups and activities that we currently support started with either, a small group of people or an individual, who had an idea that they wanted help with in their local area. We are here to provide all the necessary support, training and development to establish the groups, for as long as they need us!

For more information contact Gill Bain, Link Up Manager or 01382 690950

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