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Volunteer Dundee is asking people to consider making a different resolution this New Year other than the usual get fit, lose weight or stop smoking – why not volunteer? Research shows we are more likely to keep a resolution that has a positive effect on others. Once people start volunteering and get a good feeling from helping someone or supporting activities and services in the community it motivates them to continue. It’s harder to stop when you see the difference it makes, not only to others, but to your life too.

Volunteering can help you to achieve your other resolutions too as, according to a survey for CSV Make a Difference Day, it has a positive effect on people’s health, particularly in beating obesity, stress and cutting down on smoking. Volunteering with your family or friends could also achieve a goal of spending more time with your family. You can volunteer together for a conservation project and get out, get fit and improve your environment. Several projects run in Dundee helping to preserve the walkways, woods and the rivers that you and your family and friends could get involved in.

Want to try something new or get a new job? Volunteering is a great way to try out something before you make that change into a new career. It’s also a great way to develop new skills and do something you’ve never done before. You could become a Trustee or Board Member of a voluntary organisation and support the organisation’s governance. You could volunteer to help out with kids at an after school club, or become a Girl Guide Leader or make a morning call to an elderly isolated person.
These are just a sample of the volunteer opportunities available in Dundee. There’s much more to the volunteer scene in Dundee than you might believe.

Five reasons to make volunteering your New Year’s Resolution;

• Experience: volunteering is a great way to gain experience and get up to date references for your CV
• Rewarding: volunteering gives a real sense of reward and fulfilment and makes a difference to your local community
• It’s Free!: It does not cost you anything and most organisations pay expenses and you could get help with childcare and travel costs – contact us to find out more.
• Skills development: it’s a great way to develop your existing skills or gain new ones. Many organisations offer training.
• Recognition: Aged 16 – 25? then you could get recognition for your volunteering through the Saltire Award Scheme. Awards are available on completion of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hours of volunteering.

To find out what you could get involved in this New Year – log on to our website at , enter your town or postcode and search by work type or client group. You can also register to receive regular emails of new opportunities. Give us a ring 01382 305705 from 4th January 2018 to discuss the options further or email

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