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Dundee Voluntary Action is an independent charity that aims to ensure the third sector (charities, social enterprises, community and voluntary groups etc.) is robust, resilient and delivers high-quality services for the people of Dundee.

We provide a wide range of support to third sector organisations and have expertise in a wide range of skills and topics including governance, funding, legislation, policy, planning and problem solving to name just a few key areas.

We have a primary role in ensuring the continuation and development of a vibrant third sector in Dundee, and achieve this by supporting organisations to be:

  • well governed and managed to enable them to deliver quality outcomes
  • better connected and able to influence and contribute to public policy

Our Values

  • Openness in our response, communication, processing of information and consultation.
  • Respect for the range and diversity of organisations and interests within the voluntary sector.
  • Equality in the way we work to redress inequality and disadvantage.
  • Integrity in the way we conduct our business in an open and professional manner, including confidentiality, honesty, open agendas and informed decision-making.
  • Accountability in the way we record, conduct and audit our services and activities.

These values are upheld by monitoring, evaluation and appropriate training.

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